Scribble in the Classroom

Scribble is a versatile and powerful story creation tool in the classroom for both creative writing and nonfiction. Elementary classroom teachers have been using its precursor – Scribble Press – for years doing amazing things with it! There are so many innovative projects coming out of Scribble being utilized in the classroom setting. We look forward to sharing more examples here and hearing how you are using the app.

Here are just a few examples of some great “Scribble Learning Projects” to inspire you in using this App in your classroom:


A book project is a great way to show students’ knowledge of verb declensions. It’s a great format to show how you’ve mastered all the forms.


Use Scribble to create unique and creative “math stories”. Students can hand illustrate math equations and shapes, or create illustrated word problems. Or even write the autobiography of a number!


Scribble Press is a great tool for group science exploration. To create a book about simple machines, use your tablet cameras to send students on a scavenger hunt for simple machines in the classroom. Have them describe how each works in the text area. Then share with parents!

Social Studies

Historical biography projects work really well with Scribble. It’s a great format for kids to create profiles of their favorite figure from historical or current events.

Creative Writing

With the huge library of “fill in the blank” story outlines, students can get off to a fast start creating their own stories. Allison wrote this one, The Dog Ate My Homework, “only for people who like dogs.”


Here are some classroom questions that have frequently been posted in reviews or sent in via email so we wanted to share them with you.


Scribble does not offer book printing. However, you can export a book as a PDF or save it to your device’s camera roll, and print it on your own printer or even send it to a book binder that way.


Books can be saved to your device and shared via your own classroom workflow. Each student may have a profile if you are sharing devices, to keep their work separate. Scribble does not currently offer a public gallery. However, we often post examples of great books and we would love to see any you are willing to share with us! Sample books can be shared via twitter or facebook, or sent to us via email to

Story starters and sticker packs.

Some of you have asked about how to create your own content packs or story outlines, or whether we can offer more choices. We will continue to create new sticker packs and story outlines, and please send us your ideas via social media or email. For your own creations, you can add any text or image of your own from your camera roll.